Perfect Medica LTD


phone: +359 700 18 003

GPS: 42°26'46.5"N, 25°43'40.6"E

The Company was established in 1990 as a sales company dealing with lab equipment for both clinical and analytical laboratories.
A lot of customers still remember our first logo -
Following the market development in the 90's we focused on clinical lab only changed our logo to
Dedicated to our customers we started offering them complex solutions for each particular case. Gradually our company became one of the market leaders in clinical laboratory service providers in Bulgaria.

The balance today ...
  • we have established 4 offices
    located in such a way that to decrease response time when handling customer service calls;
  • we built-up a product portfolio,
    of high quality products that fit the specific requirements of small and medium size clinical laboratories in our country;
  • we built-up a team,
    that is an alloy of experienced people and young well educated specialists trained at production sites of our suppliers, a team that is capable to comply with any customer requirement from technical advise to complex problem solution;
  • we were the first ISO 9001 certified company from our business sector
    the scope of certified activities includes both sales and aftersales services.
Steadily and consistently we are building our company culture and reputation because we are bound to our name perfect.

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